quarta-feira, março 09, 2011

Communist jokes

Um amigo americano envio-me umas anedotas bem engraçadas sobre o comunismo, aqui vão:

Thousands of rabbits start streaming across the border from the Soviet Union to Rumania. The Rumanian border guards are flabbergasted. Finally, one picks up a rabbit by its ears and asks: What's going on here? The rabbit says: The KGB started to persecute camels. Border guard: You are not a camel. Rabbit: Well, YOU explain that to the KGB.
The Judges in a „Law” Court are having a coffee break. One of them sitting alone at a table suddenly bursts out laughing. The others look at him questioningly, and he explains: „My friends, I just heard the best political joke in my life, but unfortunately I can’t tell it to you, because I just gave someone three years for it.”

An inquisitive Soviet worker stops an English tourist in Red Square.
"So tell me," he demands, "what's it really like in the west?"
The tourist thinks for a moment then shrugs. "It's okay. You know, can't complain."
This surprises the worker. "Then it's just like over here. Can't complain either."

An old Russian is standing in the queue waiting to buy some bread when they run out.
He exclaims how terrible things are, attracting worried glances from fellow shoppers.
A man in a long coat tells the old man that he should be more careful. "In the old days old man you could be shot for saying things like that".
The old man then crys:
"It's worse than I thought, now we don't even have any bullets left".

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